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Physical Therapy 6834 Medical View Lane Zephyrhills FL 33542 (813) 364-4656Are you in need of effectual physical therapy in Zephyrhills, FL? With one call to (813) 364-4656, you can connect with Select Physical Therapy and gain appropriate physical rehabilitation options that provide your desired level of pain management. We create personalized training programs to restore your health and vigor, including TMJ dysfunction rehabilitation and orthopedic care.

Generalized pain and muscle weakness caused by a chronic condition requires superior physical rehabilitation assistance from a licensed and experienced professional. The skilled physical therapists from our Zephyrhills physical therapy facility provide instructional therapeutic exercise programs that provide apt pain management. Our manual therapy techniques are designed to restore mobility and aid in building strong muscles.

When your work-related injury is preventing you from returning to your previous duties, workers compensation rehabilitation may be required to restore you to active duties. Our physical therapists offer reliable job placement training and manual therapy to retrain your body to enable you to return to work. By using proper pain management techniques, including therapeutic exercise, we can help you recuperate gradually until you are capable of completing your work requirements.

Whether you are an injured athlete in need of sports medicine or an elderly patient in need of effective joint pain management, our rehabilitation facility is the right call to make. Simply dial (813) 364-4656 for Select Physical Therapy the next time you require physical therapy in Zephyrhills, FL. We welcome your call today.

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Physical Therapy in Zephyrhills, FL
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