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Animal Microchipping 2632 S Avenue B Yuma AZ 85364 (928) 304-7675Do you have a need for a vet in Yuma, AZ? Then you should be in contact with Ironwood Veterinary Clinic today at (928) 304-7675. Our veterinarians offer you the peace of mind that you need while at the same time giving your pet the most outstanding health care that we can provide.

If you have an upcoming vacation where you can not bring your pet with you, we have animal boarding facilities that you can make use of where your pet will receive the affection and attention that they need while you are away. If you think your pet might have trouble adjusting while you are away, you can make use of our animal daycare, showing your pet that you will be returning for them before you leave. Preventative measures need to be taken into consideration before any pets stay with us so as not to jeopardize the other animals in the facility. Animal flea control programs are available for you, and designed with your specific pet in mind so that they can gain the best benefit from it. We also offer animal grooming services, which help keep your pets coat and skin as healthy as can be. Our animal microchipping procedures are safe and effective in ensuring that you can reunite with your loving pet should they stray too far from home.

If it is a vet in Yuma, AZ that you are looking for, then Ironwood Veterinary Clinic is the place to call at (928) 304-7675. We understand how much you care for your pet, and we want you to understand how much we care about them too.

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Vet in Yuma, AZ
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