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Can you benefit from the science of physical therapy in Wyncote, PA? Then call NovaCare Rehabilitation at (215) 688-5336 now. Our physical therapist can help to restore function to the body, reduce your pain and help prevent further injury. If you are a victim of unrelenting pain, you can profit from a regimen of chronic pain management.

With your first visit to our Wyncote physical therapy facility, we can perform an initial physical examination, diagnosis and physical therapy evaluation to design your individual program. Putting your goals and physical condition together, we can develop a unique treatment program that will meet your rehabilitation requirements. For example, if you have need of sports medicine, we will use various modalities to treat the injury as well as increase your power and endurance for your chosen sport. When you need orthopedic rehabilitation or postoperative rehabilitation, our orthopedic clinical specialist will focus on the bone or soft tissue problem to help you regain mobility and strength, so you can return to your normal activities of daily living and your independent lifestyle.

Reaching effective physical therapy in Wyncote, PA is as easy as dialing (215) 688-5336. Our team at NovaCare Rehabilitation is dedicated and focused on your successful rehabilitation and orthopedic care. One of our helpful staff members will be happy to answer your questions about hand therapy for arthritis relief. Get the help you need with a phone call today.

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Physical Therapy in Wyncote, PA
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