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Animal Microchipping 202 East Highway 62/82 Wolfforth TX 79382 (806) 300-8485Do you need a vet in Wolfforth, TX? Then dial (806) 300-8485 to schedule an appointment with experienced vets at Frenship Vet Clinic. Whether you need comprehensive veterinary care or just routine animal vaccinations, our dedicated animal clinic is always a safe choice.

Is your pet an adventurer? Then try our new state of the art animal microchipping services, so next time your furry friend finds another way out of the yard you will know exactly where he went. Our Wolfforth vet takes the time to understand the individual needs of your pet, including when to administer animal vaccines. Our mission is to help animals and educate owners on proper pet care.

The overall mission of our animal clinic is to fulfill the needs of our clients and patients by providing quality health care as well as services like animal boarding and animal grooming. Whether you require a compassionate team for veterinary euthanasia or for veterinary dentistry, our capable staff is here to satisfy your needs.

So give us a call now at (806) 300-8485 to reach Frenship Vet Clinic and a caring vet in Wolfforth, TX. Our highly trained veterinarians are here for you and your pet and will do the best they can to ensure a long, happy life. Call now to schedule an appointment.

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Vet in Wolfforth, TX
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