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Physical Therapy of Woburn 400 West Cummings Park # 1400 Woburn MA (781) 951-2431Finding an expert to handle your physical therapy in Woburn, MA is as easy as dialing (781) 951-2431. By calling on the rehab experts with Physical Therapy of Woburn you are guaranteed a faster recovery and diminished pain or discomfort. We specialize in exceptional orthopedic care, with a plan that is customized to meet your specific physical needs.

Our facility provides a team of physical therapists and support staff who share in the collaborative effort necessary to restore your good health. Whether you have experienced an injury or suffer from a chronic physical disorder, we are here to provide you with the sports injury therapy or geriatric rehab that can get you back on your feet. Our therapists offer pre-operative and post-operative rehab solutions to help restore your health and physical wellness.

The therapeutic experts at our clinic specialize in cutting-edge sports medicine and work injury rehab. If you suffer from chronic limitations related to Parkinson's, diabetes or a stroke, we can provide exercise therapy to enhance your physical strength and flexibility. Using approved treatment techniques, we can provide you or your family member with help for strains, sprains and joint disorders brought on by osteoporosis, slip and fall or other accidental injuries.

For your body's dependable physical therapy in Woburn, MA, call our office at (781) 951-2431. Physical Therapy of Woburn welcomes your call and the opportunity to improve your health. Contact us today.

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Physical Therapy in Woburn, MA
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