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Vet 2201 N. Dixie Hwy Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 343-2638A friendly vet in Wilton Manors, FL can be reached at (954) 343-2638, the number for Wilton Manors Animal Hospital. Our team of qualified veterinarians hopes to share their knowledge and experience about pet health care with you and your pets. From routine checkups to veterinary surgery, you can trust us for a wide range of services.

Many pet owners do not know that their animal needs specific types of care and treatment depending on their age. That is why we offer specific pet vaccinations for every phase of your dog's life, from their days as a puppy to when they are a senior. Each Wilton Manors vet from our hospital is trained to administer thorough pet health exams to catch any signs of illness early on, so you can feel safe bringing your pets to us.

Let us take care of spaying and neutering when you dogs or cats start nearing the age when they will begin to reproduce. We also offer pet dental cleanings as a way to prevent oral health problems and reduce bad breath. Various monthly plans are offered so that pet owners can stay on top of their animal’s wellness care.

Get help from a knowledgeable vet in Wilton Manors, FL by contacting Wilton Manors Animal Hospital at (954) 343-2638. You can take advantage of our wellness plans and vaccine packages to keep your pet in good health. Call our animal hospital today to learn more.

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Vet in Wilton Manors, FL
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