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Chiropractor 2476 Taylor Road Wildwood MO (636) 203-7554Get in touch with a chiropractor in Wildwood, MO to help with chronic pains by dialing (636) 203-7554.  Dr. Christopher Howard operate a state-of-the-art chiropractic clinic where you can receive quality care that will aid you with acute or chronic pain management.  Whether you suffer from arthritis or need treatment of auto accident injuries, Dr. Howard and his staff are here to help now.

Poor posture or too much stress on your spine will cause you to experience upper, middle and lower back pain.  In order to take care of this problem, you will want to call a Wildwood chiropractor that offers effective treatments to correct spinal misalignments or relieve spinal disc stress.  Contact Dr. Howard about chiropractic adjustments, decompression therapy and other treatment options.

One call here will put you in touch with a physician dedicated to helping you feel less pain.  He can provide chiropractic sports therapy to aid injured athletes of all ages or aid with chronically painful conditions like sciatica or migraines.  Was your car violently hit from behind?  Ask about chiropractic treatment for injuries to help with neck pain caused by whiplash injuries.

Make the right call for a chiropractor in Wildwood, MO by dialing the number below.  Dr. Christopher Howard will help you find relief from pain throughout your body.  Just dial (636) 203-7554 to schedule your chiropractic consultation today.

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Chiropractor in Wildwood, MO
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