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Tutor 2020 North Woodlawn St Ste 620 Wichita KS (760) 456-7302Be sure to call the Sylvan Learning Center for a tutor in Wichita, KS at (760) 456-7302 when you need a reliable tutoring center for your child. Since 1979, we have been the leaders in the private tutoring industry, helping students realize their full potential for academic greatness.

The Wichita tutors at Sylvan is dedicated to turning your studying weaknesses into your strengths. If you lack the discipline to do your homework, but you excel in test taking, we will guide you in utilizing that same focus on your daily homework. From struggling in history to troubles in geometry, our GED tutor will teach you the importance of proper studies and how it can ultimately change your life.

Tutoring services do not have to be boring or difficult. Our reading tutor and math tutor strive to create a program that is specific to your needs, while making it fun and enriching. Also, later in high school, you will eventually be taking SAT prep and ACT prep courses that can help shape your future.

With programs specifically designed to target this type of test prep, the Sylvan Learning Center has helped hundreds, if not thousands of students increase the level of knowledge to succeed in such tests. Call our staff today at (760) 456-7302 and speak to a tutor in Wichita, KS.

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Tutor in Wichita, KS
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