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Vet 3065 Jacks Run Road White Oak PA 15131 (412) 385-2598You can talk to a knowledgeable vet in White Oak, PA by calling White Oak Veterinary Clinic at (412) 385-2598. Come to us for annual pet wellness exams so we can keep an eye on pets as they age. We also are ready to respond to your pet’s medical needs and will be happy to take care of spay and neuter procedures as well as advanced surgical procedures.
When you stop by White Oak vet clinic for a pet health checkup, we will make sure to check your animal’s immunizations records and offer pet vaccinations they may need. We can perform pet dental cleanings during routine visits as well. You can also ask about flea and tick prevention products that help keep pets free from these parasites.
Let our certified animal surgeons perform veterinary soft tissue surgery to remove growths and repair wounds. We also offer veterinary orthopedic surgery to correct musculoskeletal conditions. Our veterinary hospital has been around for more than 3 decades and is fully equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment and sterile exam rooms.
The best way to reach a qualified vet in White Oak, PA is by dialing the number (412) 385-2598 and speaking with the staff here at White Oak Veterinary Clinic. We respond to daytime emergencies and maintain good relationships with local veterinary specialists that offer various types of advanced care for animals. Find out more by calling our animal clinic today.

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Vet in White Oak, PA
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