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Vet 7404 East Highland Road White Lake MI 48383 (248) 329-0143Finding a feline and canine vet in White Lake, MI is easy when you dial (248) 329-0143.  VCA White Lake Animal Hospital is ready to care for puppies, kittens or older dogs and cats having any medical troubles.  Our veterinarians specialize in preventative veterinary medicine, offering parasite control, vaccines, nutritional counseling and more to keep the animals you love healthy and well.

When your pet is getting up there in years, you’ll want them to undergo regular pet health exams; at least once every six months or so. To ensure your older pets remain healthy, you’ll need to find a White Lake vet that can offer geriatric pet care services. Reach out to our vets for preventative, general and advanced veterinary care for older dogs and cats.

Our staff has years of experiencing providing unmatched canine and feline healthcare services. We offer veterinary dental care to keep your pet’s teeth clean along with veterinary dermatology to help relieve itchy skin.  Do you want to have your pet spayed or neutered to help control the pet population?  We offer this and many other veterinary surgery procedures, so call now.

The best call you can make for a vet in White Lake, MI is to our number below.  VCA White Lake Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art pet care center ready to treat all canine and feline illness and injuries.  You just have to call (248) 329-0143 to make a veterinary appointment.

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Vet in White Lake, MI
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