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Animal Flea Control 269 West Main Street Westminster MD 21157 (410) 756-0987Set up an appointment with a vet in Westminster, MD at the Westminster Veterinary Hospital by calling (410) 756-0987 and let us look after the health needs of all your pets. Besides veterinary surgery, we can supply a variety of services for your pets, regardless of species or breed. In addition to typical animal flea control measures, we feel your animal ought to be provided regular health checkups to avoid health troubles later in life.

Whether you need spaying/neutering for your typical cat or dog, or if you need a small animal vet to take care of a sick pet hamster, we are on hand to help. We are proud to be able to present veterinary dentistry practices to ensure a clean smile and healthy gums for your pet friend. We also offer animal microchipping so you can keep track of your pet. Or should a severe illness require it, our veterinarians can offer quick and humane veterinary euthanasia services with the respect and care that your pet deserves.

So when you need a vet in Westminster, MD just make a call to Westminster Veterinary Hospital at (410) 756-0987 and put the care of your pet's health into the hands of a vet who cares as much as you do. Make an appointment for declawing, or just to schedule a normal checkup for your precious pet friend.

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Vet in Westminster, MD
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