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Vet 19343 Willamette Drive West Linn OR 97068 (503) 451-5431Talk with a friendly vet in West Linn, OR by dialing the number (503) 451-5431 to reach VCA West Linn Animal Hospital. Bring pets to us so we can offer high quality pet wellness services to them. Whether you are looking for somebody to give pet vaccinations or need help with pet weight management, we are the team to call.
We know you want your West Linn vet to be qualified to handle things like general and advanced veterinary surgery. That is why we do surgical procedures ranging from spays and neuters to removing growths and repairing wounds or injuries. We can check for signs of disease during regular pet health exams as well, which will increase the chances of your animal being able to beat the illness. 
Come to see us if you have a dog or cat that will benefit from flea and tick control treatments. We also have treatments to help relieve symptoms of canine and feline diabetes. Local residents can visit our facility for pet dental care when their pets need teeth cleanings or are showing signs of poor oral health.
Remember that VCA West Linn Animal Hospital can be reached at (503) 451-5431 and call us when you need a vet in West Linn, OR to treat your pet’s health problems. From veterinary dentistry to animal lab work, we offer an impressive amount of services and treatments. You can call our veterinarians now to find out more.

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Vet in West Linn, OR
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