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Animal Flea Control 2333 Penn Avenue West Lawn PA 19609 (484) 334-9037If you are ever in need of a vet in West Lawn, PA, then you should give a call to Larkin Veterinary Center at (484) 334-9037. Our veterinarians understand the special role that your pet plays in your family, and we are dedicated to being your partner in your pet's health care needs.

We have many different ways in which you can prevent illness and injury, and one easy way is with animal flea control. We offer individualized programs that are designed with your pets needs in mind and take into account the surroundings in which your pet lives. Spaying/neutering your pet has added benefits other than helping to lessen the amount of strays in shelters; it also can help to prevent certain cancers and illnesses later in their life. Oral hygiene is just as important with our pets as it is for humans, so our veterinary dentistry helps with examinations and treatments. As a small animal vet we provide animal microchipping as a safe and effective way to make sure you have a way to reunite with your pet, whether they walk, fly or slither, we can help.

When you are looking for a vet in West Lawn, PA, then give a call to Larkin Veterinary Center today at (484) 334-9037. We know that your pets are important to your family, so we want to help them live as long as they can in order for you to enjoy their company.

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Vet in West Lawn, PA
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