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Podiatrist 1575 West 7000 South West Jordan UT (801) 702-8490Dr. Elizabeth E. Auger, DPM is a podiatrist in West Jordan, UT committed to ending your foot or ankle pain. (801) 702-8490 is the number to call when you are dealing with any pain-causing injuries or disorders involving your feet or ankles.  We specialize in offering custom-fit foot orthotics and other devices that will correct internal problems and end your ankle and foot pain fast.

If you have heel spurs or other growths on your feet, they are probably causing you at least some pain.  One of the best options to treat spurs, bunions, and other deformities is to call a West Jordan podiatrist able to offer podiatric surgery care.  Talk with Dr. Auger about surgical solutions to pain in your feet and ankles.

Here you will find the best podiatric care to deal with a variety of pain-causing or other issues of the feet and ankles.  Dr. Auger can fit you with diabetic shoes to improve leg, ankle, and foot circulation as well as provide podiatric sports therapy for tendon tears, sprains, and strains.  Do you have bunions?  Call here to schedule effective bunion treatments today.

The name to remember when looking for a good podiatrist in W. Jordan, UT, is Elizabeth E. Auger, DPM.  As a leading foot care specialist in the area she can help you end foot, ankle and leg pains.  A call to (801) 702-8490 lets you schedule exceptional podiatric care today.

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Podiatrist in West Jordan, UT
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