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Vet 8725 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 730-1707 Your first call for a vet in West Hollywood, CA is best made to VCA TLC Animal Hospital.  (310) 730-1707 is what you should dial to reach veterinarians specializing in preventative, general and advanced veterinary care.  Our doctors provide veterinary dental care and cleanings along with advanced digital radiology to detect internal problems when you schedule an appointment today.

Generally speaking the months between March and September are when your dog or cat will go in heat more than once.  If you want to prevent them from running off to find a mate you should contact a West Hollywood vet that offers spay and neuter procedures.  We can perform this or any other veterinary surgery as well as implant animal microchipping to help locate lost animals.

We’re committed to providing unmatched veterinary care to address all feline or canine health concerns.  You can bring a beloved older pet in for veterinary euthanasia if they’re suffering as well as take advantage of regular pet health exams to ensure nothing serious is wrong.  Are you concerned about heartworms and other parasites?  Ask our doctors about the latest in pet parasite control by calling now.

When you need a vet in W. Hollywood, CA to treat your dog or cat, VCA TLC Animal Hospital is where you want to call.  Our doctors are ready to provide tender loving care for all dogs and cats.  Dialing (310) 730-1707puts you in touch with our vets today.

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Vet in West Hollywood, CA
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