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Physical Therapy 33200 W 14 Mile Road West Bloomfield MI 48322 (248) 254-7655Looking for physical therapy in West Bloomfield, MI? Call Advanced Physical Therapy at (248) 254-7655 and end your search for a physical rehabilitation center. Our experts will guide you through injury rehabilitation or create a personalized post-surgical recovery plan for you. We are the first center to call for individualized, professional care.
Our West Bloomfield physical therapy clinic uses advanced techniques such as laser therapy and manual exercise to make your recovery path as smooth as possible. You'll work with a physical therapist that is well-versed in occupational therapy to get you back to a pain-free condition. If you're looking for sports rehab, you are in luck, because our therapists understand the specific needs that come along with an athlete's training regimen. 
If you perform the same motion repeatedly at work, you might notice pain in particular areas of the body. Call our center for advice on pain management and recomendations for how to keep your body in top form. We'll work with your employer to provide workers comp rehab that gets you back on the job in no time.
Whether you need back, neck, hamstring, or hand therapy, our offices can provide you with service. Call (248) 254-7655 to reach Advanced Physical Therapy in W. Bloomfield, MI today. Our therapy and exercise experts look forward to leading you to full rehabilitation.

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Physical Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI
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