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SSM Physical Therapy 853 Medical Drive Wentzville MO (636) 203-8630Your search for rehabilitative physical therapy in Wentzville, MO ends with a call to SSM Physical Therapy.  (636) 203-8630 is what you dial to reach specialists ready to help with a wide range of sports, work or accident-related injuries.  We offer occupational therapy to rehab work injuries, sports injury therapy and many other treatment options to get you back on your feet.  Call for your first appointment now.

The hand has dozens of joints, tendons and muscles that can cause you quite a bit of pain.  If your hands are constantly in pain, you may want to seek treatment at a Wentzville physical therapy clinic with a certified hand therapist.  A call to our physical therapists will get you comprehensive hand therapy including orthopedic care for your hands.

We offer care for the entire family whether you’re suffering with day-to-day aches or injury pains.  This means you can seek our aid with geriatric physical therapy programs for arthritis relief or get help with sports medicine therapies to treat sprains.  Does your child have a speech impediment?  We have pediatric physical therapy specialists including a speech therapist ready to help them through many difficulties.

When you require physical therapy in Wentzville, MO for any reason, SSM Physical Therapy is where to call.  We’ll offer personal attention to your rehab or chronic pain management needs.  Call us at (636) 203-8630 to arrange your first PT session right now.

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Physical Therapy in Wentzville, MO
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