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Physical Therapy 3319 State Road 7 Wellington FL 33449 (561) 800-2774Find a better means of pain management through physical therapy in Wellington, FL by setting up an appointment with Select Physical Therapy. By dialing (561) 800-2774 to connect with our physical rehabilitation facility, you can obtain the finest therapeutic wellness care from knowledgeable professionals. Our physical therapists are committed to finding a lasting solution for your physical impairment, whether you require work conditioning or proper pain control.

Back problems and spinal maladies often lead to recurrent musculoskeletal pain that prevents you from leading an active lifestyle. Take your health into your own hands by seeking a reliable source for post injury rehabilitation from dedicated physical therapists. Our Wellington physical therapy center offers spine dysfunction rehabilitation that combines a host of therapeutic exercise modalities to get you back in shape.

Are you no longer as active as you want to be? As a brand new outpatient physical rehabilitation facility, we utilize adaptive sports medicine to improve the wellbeing of professional and nonprofessional athletes alike. Our physical therapists use a variety of techniques, such as stretching and injury prevention training, to promote proper healing throughout the course of your recovery.

Facilitate the healing process with superior care from experienced physical therapists in your local area. Contact the service-minded professionals of Select Physical Therapy at (561) 800-2774 and end your chronic pain with physical therapy in Wellington, FL. Why allow pain to limit your performance? Schedule an appointment with our physical rehabilitation clinic today.

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Physical Therapy in Wellington, FL
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