Physical Therapy in Webster Groves, MO

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SSM Physical Therapy 8654 Big Bend Boulevard Webster Groves MO (314) 441-5653Do you need physical therapy in Webster Groves, MO for a serious sports injury?  Then dial (314) 441-5653 for an appointment at SSM Physical Therapy, a leading sports medicine center ready to offer advanced care for athletes of all ages.  Our sports injury specialists will care for simple sprains or create individualized post-surgery rehab programs to help you recovery fully and safely from any sports-related injury.

When dealing with chronic pains, it helps to realize there are relief options available that don’t involve taking more medication.  One idea to think about is seeking geriatric physical therapy for arthritis and other pains of aging through a Webster Groves physical therapy specialist.  Give our physical therapists a call to arrange manual therapy for any everyday aches and pains.

A call here will help you find relief from pain no matter why you’re experiencing it.  Our therapists offer orthopedic care if you’re dealing with chronic joint swelling and other problems along with injury rehab if you hurt your lower back in an accident.  Were you hurt at work?  Ask about personalized workers comp rehabilitation plans with a call to our number now.

Finding the best physical therapy in Webster Groves, MO is easy if you remember to call us at SSM Physical Therapy.  We help relieve pain naturally whether you’re injured or dealing with a chronic condition.  Dialing (314) 441-5653 puts you in touch with our pain relief specialists.

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Physical Therapy in Webster Groves, MO
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