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Vet 1510 Hamburg Turnpike Wayne NJ 07470 (973) 987-6620Get in touch with a small animal vet in Wayne, NJ by calling us at Companion Veterinary Hospital.  Dialing (973) 987-6620 will put you in touch with a team of veterinarians ready to offer preventative, general and advanced care for all your pets.  Is your pet critically ill or injured?  We provide 24-hour emergency veterinary care to save the life of the animal you love.

Internal and external parasites are serious threats to the health and well-being of dogs, cats and many other animals.  To protect your animals from parasite problems, it helps if you can locate a Wayne vet that offers veterinary diagnostic testing to find any signs of parasites.  Whether your dog has fleas or you need a bird vet to eliminate avian parasites, here is where to call for advanced pet parasite prevention and control solutions.
A quick call to our number below will provide complete care for any pet in your home.  This includes veterinary dental care to clean a dog’s teeth of plaque, along with veterinary surgery to fix orthopedic injuries and more.  Do you need a reptile veterinarian?  Call here for vets that treat snakes, lizards, turtles and other reptiles.
You can easily locate a vet in Wayne, NJ to care for any animal by calling Companion Veterinary Hospital.  We care for pocket pets, larger dogs and cats, birds or any other pet.  Give a call to (973) 987-6620 and schedule your pet’s first appointment.

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Vet in Wayne, NJ
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