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VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital 19 Main Street Wakefield MA (781) 295-1799End your search for a vet in Wakefield, MA that treats all types of animals by dialing (781) 295-1799.  VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital is staffed by a team of animal healthcare professionals ready to care for dogs, cats and many other types of household pets.  We can help when you need a reptile veterinarian to care for snakes, an exotic animal vet for ferrets or anytime you want excellent feline and canine care.

When an animal is constantly scratching due to fleas or a skin condition, it may eventually do serious harm to their skin.  To treat skin parasites, allergies or diseases in animals, you’ll want to find a Wakefield vet that specializes in veterinary dermatology care to relive their itchy skin.  Our veterinarians offer complete dermatological care to stop your pet from scratching.

We handle everything from pet vaccinations against rabies and other common diseases to geriatric pet care to help older animals better manage chronic pain.  Our doctors will provide an in-depth exam to determine any medical problems, offer veterinary dental care and so much more.  Do you want to have a dog or cat spayed or neutered?  Call here to schedule this or any other veterinary surgery today.

The best call you’ll ever make for a vet in Wakefield, MA is to VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital.  We’re dedicated to providing the care your pets need to remain healthy.  Call (781) 295-1799 to schedule your pet’s first appointment.

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Vet in Wakefield, MA
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