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Vet 1120 White Horse Road #120 Voorhees NJ 08043 (856) 344-3124Reaching a feline and canine vet in Voorhees, NJ is easy when you dial (856) 344-3124.  At Voorhees Veterinary Center your household pet will receive the best medical, dental and surgical care to deal with any injury or illness.  We offer pet immunizations and boosters for young and adult animals, along with comprehensive geriatric pet care to manage chronic pains when you call today.
With the number of animals in shelters, you’ll probably want to prevent your cat or dog from adding to that population.  When they’ve reached the age for spaying and neutering you’ll need to locate a Voorhees vet clinic with the facilities and personnel to perform this delicate veterinary surgery.  You can trust our veterinarians to spay or neuter dogs and cats.
We are big on providing preventative veterinary care, including parasite control and vaccinations to keep your pet healthy.  Among our other preventative services are veterinary dentistry care to help stop oral diseases, animal eye care, and ear checks. You only need to dial our number below to get your beloved pet the care they deserve.
When you are looking for a vet in Voorhees, NJ, Voorhees Veterinary Center is where you should call first.  Our doctors are ready to treat illness and injuries for dogs and cats of any age.  Call (856) 344-3124 to reach our canine and feline healthcare experts.

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Vet in Voorhees, NJ
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