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Vidalia Veterinary Clinic 303 W 1st Street Vidalia GA (912) 403-5545Are you looking for a vet in Vidalia, GA? Call (912) 403-5545 and you will see how Vidalia Veterinary Clinic treats you and your pet. We are always welcoming new patients with a devoted staff of licensed veterinarians for everything from basic medicine to animal surgery, dental work, and more. You can expect dedicated specialists, a professional and friendly atmosphere, and a top veterinary hospital where your pet will get the treatment they deserve.

Pet care is an all-inclusive practice to each Vidalia vet at our hospital. Imagine how much it takes to keep you healthy. You keep good hygiene, regular check-ups, eat healthy and more and that is what veterinary medicine means to us. With specialists in veterinary dentistry, dermatology, endoscopy, and cardiology, you can trust us to keep your pet alive and well. It all starts with a veterinary medical assessment and your furry friend is on its way to the best quality of life. 

Call (912) 403-5545 when you need a vet in Vidalia, GA because at Vidalia Veterinary Clinic, we are that and so much more. With animal vaccination programs, puppy and kitten wellness, adult pet wellness, and senior pet wellness programs, we want to be there with you and your pet for the whole ride. Call us today because we care.

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Vet in Vidalia, GA
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