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Vet 1325 Lexington Road Versailles, KY 40383 (859) 554-1647 Are you looking for a vet in Versailles, KY? If so, dial (859) 554-1647 to get through to VCA Woodford Animal Hospital. We specialize in primary, advanced, preventative and emergency veterinary care. When your animal appears ill or is showing signs that something may be wrong, visit our veterinarians to get a clear answer to the problem.

We know that your pet is like another member of the family, which is why when you see a Versailles vet from our clinic we will treat them with a tremendous amount of kindness and respect. We administer veterinary vaccinations at our facility, which are helpful for preventing certain types of diseases. You can also trust us to treat and diagnose canine and feline diabetes.

Obese cats and dogs can develop different kinds of health problems that may affect their quality of life. That is why we offer pet weight management services to help pet owners reduce their weight and improve their health and nutrition. We also provide pet pain management options for animals living with chronic pain.

Do not wait any longer to reach out to VCA Woodford Animal Hospital at (859) 554-1647 if you need to contact a vet in Versailles, KY. We offer a full list of services ranging from pet dental care to advanced animal surgery. Find solutions to pet health issues by calling us to schedule an appointment.

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Vet in Versailles, KY
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