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Animal Flea Control 203 W. Verona Avenue Verona WI 53593 (608) 291-6290Want a better animal vet in Verona, WI? Then give Animal Hospital of Verona at (608) 291-6290 a shot. You'll come to find that our veterinarians know what they are talking about and have the necessary knowledge and experience to provide the right treatment for your pets.

There's nothing they love more than caring for your animals. We know this can be a hard time for your pet; that's why our staff will make everything as easy as possible. This way they will not get startled or alarmed. We treat reptiles, exotic birds, dogs, and cats. No matter if they are large or small, we will come to their aid.

Kitty or puppies have a small case of fleas? Then flea control is what you want. Help them ease the pain and get them help now rather than later. The sooner we catch it, the easier it will be to cure. That's why we choose holistic veterinary medicine over all the rest. We know it gets results and works great.

Do not worry about losing your pet friend when we do microchipping. Once that's done, if they do get lost, they'll be easy to find. Also, help your cat through declawing if he has a scratching problem. This would save your furniture from being completely damaged. CallAnimal Hospital of Verona at (608) 291-6290 for a good animal vet in Verona, WI today!

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Vet in Verona, WI
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