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Vet 1101 South Milwaukee Avenue Ste. 102 Vernon Hills IL 60061 (224) 633-1121Companion Animal Hospital is a full service vet in Vernon Hills, IL ready to care for the animals you love.  (224) 633-1121 is the number you dial to reach Dr. Derek Williamson and Dr. Matt Ulrich, two veterinarians able to offer preventative, general, and advanced veterinary care to keep your pets healthy and well.  Is your pet in critical need of medical attention?  We provide 24/7 emergency veterinary care too.
As an animal ages they’ll be subject to some of the same conditions and ailments we face, including arthritis.  If your pet is experiencing arthritis pain you’ll want to find a Vernon Hills vet that can provide senior pet care to relieve it.  We offer pain meds through our pet pharmacy, along with veterinary acupuncture and other alternative pain-relieving therapies.
No matter what medical problems your pet may be experiencing, you can count on Dr. Williamson and Dr. Ulrich to provide the proper care.  They offer veterinary surgery to deal with orthopedic injuries or unwanted growths, along with veterinary dentistry to clean teeth and prevent oral disease.  Is your pet constantly scratching?  Contact us about veterinary dermatology care to treat whatever is ailing their skin.
The name to remember for a vet in Vernon Hills, IL is Companion Animal Hospital.  Our doctors will help get your beloved family pet well again.  You should dial (224) 633-1121 to make your pet an appointment.

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Vet in Vernon Hills, IL
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