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Vet 8239 Cooper Creek Boulevard, University Park, FL (941) 315-9181The small animal vet in University Park, FL you can trust is a call away to (941) 315-9181. University Animal Clinic offers a wide range of professional services for your beloved animal companions. We handle everything from declawing to providing some of the most effective flea control treatments found in this industry.

Not everyone out there has a dog or a cat as a pet. When you have a non-standard pet like a guinea pig or a ferret, you may need the services of an exotic animal vet who has experience treating ailments of your unique friend. The veterinarians of University Animal Clinic offer the best care no matter what species of friend you have.

We treat any and all conditions a pet may have using traditional and holistic veterinary medicine to minimize the possibility of future problems. Plus, we have a reptile and bird vet no staff to treat any slithering or flying companion you have for diseases and needed surgical conditions. Even when you want microchipping to help find a pet when they disappear, our staff is ready to help.

Exceptional grooming and medical care from a vet in University Park, FL is exactly what your faithful pet deserves. Just call (941) 315-9181 for the caring professionals from University Animal Clinic. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Vet in University Park, FL
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