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Vet 1328 S State Street Ukiah, CA 95482 (707) 621-8486End your search for a caring vet in Ukiah, CA with a call to (707) 621-8486.  Since 1948 Ukiah Veterinary Hospital has provided medical, dental and surgical care for the animal members of your family.  Did you recently welcome a new pet into the household?  Dr. Edward Haynes will provide required pet vaccinations, pet behavior counseling and many other new pet services.

An overweight dog or cat is at a high risk for serious health problems that could be fatal.  If you want help getting your pet’s weight down you’ll want to call an Ukiah vet able to provide effective pet weight management solutions.  Call the number above to find a veterinarian able to help dogs and cats slim down.

Dr. Haynes is an experienced veterinary physician dedicated to providing the care your pets require.  He offers veterinary dentistry cleanings to prevent oral health problems along with veterinary surgery to spay or neuter dogs and cats.  Are you looking for advanced flea and tick control?  Call our pet pharmacy for this or any other necessary pet medications.

The call you want to make for a vet in Ukiah, CA is to Ukiah Veterinary Hospital.  Dr. Edward Haynes and his staff are available to help with general pet care or any necessary emergency veterinary care required.  Just dial (707) 621-8486 to set your pet an appointment today.

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Vet in Ukiah, CA
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