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Animal Daycare 3801 E Fort Lowell Rd Tucson AZ 85716 (520) 342-0065When you need a caring vet in Tucson, AZ, call Catalina Pet Hospital today at (520) 342-0065. As a small animal vet we provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures and preventative measures for our clients to make sure that they live long and healthy lives.

Because of the shorter lifespan of our pets, our veterinarians do everything that they can to make sure that our pets live long and healthy lives with holistic veterinary medicine practices. Our animal flea control programs are individualized to fit the life of your pet and its unique lifestyle and environment. Providing animal microchipping is a very safe and effective way to make sure that you have a way to have your pet safely returned to you in case you are somehow separated. Spaying/neutering your pet is a normal procedure that can help keep your pets healthy while also not contributing to the over crowed shelters. If you have a cat that cannot stop destroying your furniture, declawing them may be an option.

Give a call to Catalina Pet Hospital today at (520) 342-0065 when you want the best vet in Tucson, AZ. Our veterinarians take care of your pets like they were our own, so we stress to our patients that we can offer the best health care for your pet. Make sure that you give your pet the most time with you as possible by calling us today and talking with our veterinarians.

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Vet in Tucson, AZ
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