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Pain Management 1100 Wayne Street Troy OH 45373 (937) 985-3999Treating patients from pediatric to geriatric ages, our Chiropractor in Troy, OH can help with your healthcare needs. Call (937) 985-3999 to reach the caring staff with Stouder Chiropractic. We offer a complete physical evaluation to determine the source of your body’s ailments and then formulate the best chiropractic healthcare plan to address your needs.

The proper chiropractic treatment is just a phone call away to our Troy chiropractor. We offer pain management solutions for help with your body’s discomfort. Whether you have experienced an accidental injury or suffer from chronic back problems, we offer help for intermittent or chronic discomfort. Using hands-on spinal decompression, we can help relieve your discomfort and improve your daily lifestyle.

Call our office for assistance with the discomfort you may be experiencing from a recent accident injury. Our office specializes in current treatment technologies to bring relief from your neck pain or headaches associated with a recent whiplash injury. We also specialize in treating sports injuries, with relief for upper or lower back pain, hip or knee problems – and more.

Get treatment for your healthcare needs with our chiropractor in Troy, OH. Just call (937) 985-3999 to arrange your convenient appointment with Stouder Chiropractic. Our team is waiting to help; call now.

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Chiropractor in Troy, OH
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