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Physical Therapy 1807 Short Branch Drive Trinity FL 34655 (727) 777-4769Commit to reaching your wellness goals by acquiring physical therapy in Trinity, FL provided by the outstanding team at Physiotherapy Associates. When you dial (727) 777-4769, you gain attentive, dedicated physical rehabilitation experts offering personalized pain management services. Our facility offers everything from sports medicine to customized orthopedic care to restore motor function so you can get back to living the life you deserve.

It takes effort and perseverance to get back to peak condition after a work injury. Here at our Trinity physical therapy facility, our physical therapists help you throughout the physical rehabilitation process so you can return to functional work duties. We have a workers compensation rehabilitation program that is customized to your unique circumstances so you can achieve your individual goals with adequate training and pain management.

Mandibular discomfort due to injury or muscle tightening requires prompt and professional care from a qualified physiotherapist. Our TMJ dysfunction program is designed to provide applicable manual therapy and pain control so that you resolve your condition and restore jawline flexibility. We use therapeutic exercise plans to stretch and strengthen jaw muscles in order to reduce symptoms and prevent further damage to the mandible joint.

You can minimize musculoskeletal pain when you maximize your physical strength and endurance by reaching out to qualified physical therapists. Contact Physiotherapy Associates at (727) 777-4769 to ease TMJ discomfort with restorative physical therapy in Trinity, FL. Discover how you can benefit from therapeutic exercise by scheduling an appointment today.

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Physical Therapy in Trinity, FL
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