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Optimum Performance Physical Therapy 8600 Lasalle Road, Suite 322 Towson MD (410) 803-5272A call to Optimum Performance Physical Therapy in Towson, MD will help with sports injury recovery.  Just dial (410) 803-5272 to speak with our sports medicine specialists about everything from general injury care to orthotics therapy to help you become accustomed to knee or other braces. Did your injury require surgical repair?  Ask about postsurgical rehabilitation options by calling today.

A serious back or spinal cord injury can have serious and lasting effects for quite a long while.  If you sustain such an injury, it is a good idea to find a Towson physical therapy clinic able to offer neuro rehab services to aid your recovery.  Our physical therapists will help you through rehab of back, spine or other neurological injuries.

Regardless of how you’re injured, you can count on our certified therapists to provide excellent care.  This includes workers comp rehab programs that focus on your injury and how to best treat it along with orthopedic care for chronic joint and muscle pains.  Are you dealing with a painful musculoskeletal condition?  Chronic pain management solutions to alleviate these are available here.

The one and only call you want to make for physical therapy in Towson, MD is to Optimum Performance Physical Therapy.  Our work and sports injury specialists are here to help you recover safely and completely.  Dialing (410) 803-5272 will get you the care you need today.

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Physical Therapy in Towson, MD
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