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Animal Flea control 2855 SE Kansas Place Topeka KS 66605 (785) 274-9948The reliable vet in Topeka, KS to choose is Lifelong Pet Health Care. Call (785) 274-9948 for the trusted name in animal healthcare in the greater Topeka area for over thirty years. When you need an emergency procedure or just want to make an appointment for a wellness checkup for your pet, call us today.

At our experienced animal hospital, our doctors are committed to keeping your pets in great shape with an emphasis on their total well-being. We look at all aspects of their condition and give you the recommendations needed to ensure their long term health and happiness. From special diets to veterinary surgery, we want to earn your business and keep your pet happy and healthy.

Animal grooming is not just for looks, it contributes to proper sanitary conditions too. Spaying and neutering are highly recommended as is animal microchipping that can help get your pet back to you in case of loss. We provide gentle animal flea control so your pet is free of harmful parasites around the clock.

We perform veterinary vaccinations as well as helping older pets with veterinary dentistry for oral maintenance. Dial (785) 274-9948 for the vet in Topeka, KS with the experience you want to protect your animal. At Lifelong Pet Health Care we are here to serve you today.

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Vet in Topeka, KS
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