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Animal Flea Control 903 Brighton Rd Tonawanda NY 14150 (716) 218-3553Are you in need of a vet in Tonawanda, NY? Then you need to give a call to Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic today at (716) 218-3553. It is our commitment to provide you with quality veterinary care throughout the entire life of your pet.

Our veterinarians understand the special role that pets play in our lives, so we treat your pet as though they were our own. Keeping your pet healthy can add to the longevity of your pet, so our animal flea control programs are designed around your pet's needs and lifestyle, so you can maximize its use. Spaying/neutering your pet is beneficial in several ways, helping to curb the already overpopulated shelters . Oral hygiene for our pets is equally as important, so our veterinary dentistry takes the time to provide you with preventive measures to help you.

As a small animal vet, we now offer to our patients the option of an emergency veterinary clinic for walk ins and appointments. Providing your pet with animal microchipping is a very safe and effective way to make sure that in case you and your pet do become separated, you have a way to locate them and bring them back home. For your cats, you now have the option of declawing them so that they do not shred your couch.

When you are looking for a new vet in Tonawanda, NY, you will want to give a call to Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic at (716) 218-3553. Our entire veterinary team is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of each individual pet owner.

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Vet in Tonawanda, NY
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