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LifeBridge Physical Therapy 12201 Tullamore Road Timonium MD (410) 834-5789Relief of chronic pain through physical therapy in Timonium, MD is found with a call to (410) 834-5789.  Lifebridge Physical Therapy is committed to helping adults and seniors manage the pain of a wide range of musculoskeletal problems.  Our geriatric physical therapy specialists will offer arthritis care including low-impact aquatic therapy plus other treatments to help relieve joint pain.

Severe joint injuries, like ligament tears, often require surgical care then an extensive rehab period.  If you’re ever hurt this badly, you’ll want to work with a sports medicine center to develop a postoperative rehabilitation program to regain strength in any surgically repaired joints.  A quick call to the physical therapists at our Timonium physical therapy clinic will provide you with a personalized, comprehensive rehab plan.

We’re here to take care of whatever physical injuries or conditions that are causing you pain through techniques that promote healing.  Our certified therapists offer work injury rehab to help you get back on the job safely along with neuro rehabilitation for serious back injuries.  Are you suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or other joint conditions?  Contact us about orthopedic physical therapy services to manage the pain of such conditions.

The only call you need to make for physical therapy in Timonium, MD is to Lifebridge Physical Therapy.  We provide a wide range of outpatient and specialty PT services to aid injured individuals.  Dial (410) 834-5789 to reach our PT specialists now.

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Physical Therapy in Timonium, MD
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