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Animal Flea Control 1415 Main Street Tewksbury MA 01876 (978) 656-6927When your animals need a vet in Tewksbury, MA, call on Shawsheen Animal Hospital at (978) 656-6927 to be the veterinarians you can trust for all your pet's health related needs. Bring your dog or cat in for a usual health check and your pet will love you all the more for it.

Should you want a small animal vet or somebody to look after the dental hygiene of your dog or cat, we provide veterinary dentistry to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Besides the typical veterinary medical specialties that we offer, think about bringing your dog or cat in to take advantage of our animal microchipping service. With an identification tag implanted just under the skin, your pet will be linked to a national registry, useful in finding stray animals.

We offer the standard declawing and animal flea control services as well as many others specialized to your pet. Or if quality of life issues raise the thought of veterinary euthanasia, we can provide information to help you decide if that option may be best for your aged or sick animal.

So if you are in need of a vet in Tewksbury, MA just call Shawsheen Animal Hospital at (978) 656-6927 and let us take care of whatever's ailing your pet companion. From spaying/neutering and other basic measures to quick and effective emergency care, we are the ones to call for your pet's entire medical and grooming needs.

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Vet in Tewksbury, MA
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