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Chiropractor 2500 Main Street, Suite 103 Tewksbury MA (978) 905-8673An accomplished chiropractor in Tewksbury, MA can be reached at (978) 905-8673, the number for Harnois Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Office. We specialize in using spinal decompression therapy as a non-surgical means of reducing many types of pain. If you are suffering from herniated discs or other health issues that are affecting your daily life, our specialists may have the solutions you have been waiting for.

Many people live day to day with unpleasant back and neck pain because they are unaware of the benefits of spinal adjustments, many of which can be performed by their local Tewksbury chiropractor. Visit our office to see how we can make adjustments to your body to reduce tension and restore movement to stiff areas. These treatments have been proven to be helpful for people living with carpal tunnel syndrome and disc degeneration. We can also reduce allergy symptoms by bringing you sinus and headache relief, so be sure to approach our wellness specialists for assistance with treating a wide selection of health conditions.

Getting in touch with an excellent chiropractor in Tewksbury, MA is easy, just dial (978) 905-8673 and speak with Harnois Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Office. You can put an end to issues like lower back pain with the help of our friendly spinal health experts. Call our chiropractic office now to learn more.

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  • Chiropractic
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Chiropractor in Tewksbury, MA
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