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Chiropractor 153 Fort Lee Road Teaneck NJ (201) 754-8979Look to a practiced New Jersey chiropractor in Teaneck, NJ to add value to therapeutic pain control methods. Dr. Harry Lefkowitz at (201) 754-8979 should be the only professional you call when you need an experienced doctor of chiropractic to reduce chronic pain. Our patient focused staff can provide outstanding support and services geared toward resolving nagging back or neck pain.

Pain from a sports injury can cause untold stress especially when you are on a timeline that requires quick recovery. Connect with our Teaneck chiropractor to obtain a reliable course of therapy which includes chiropractic adjustments to help your body recover naturally. We specialize in finding solutions to challenging painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and unresolved chronic pain.

It can be hard to locate the right medical professional to provide you with effective neck pain therapy. As a licensed doctor of chiropractic and certified applied kinesiologist, Dr. Lefkowitz can apply his skills to successfully resolve your chronic pain conditions. We also offer alternative treatment regimens to combat inflammation and discomfort including dietary changes based on the recommendations of our certified nutritionist.

If you are curious to see if spinal decompression can provide reliable pain control, you owe it to yourself to consult with our team. Contact Dr. Harry Lefkowitz at (201) 754-8979 to obtain outstanding care from a proficient chiropractor in Teaneck, NJ. Call today to make your dream of living pain-free a reality.

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Chiropractor in Teaneck, NJ
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