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Physical Therapy 543 Taylorsville Road Taylorsville KY 40071 (502) 792-0947Choose dependable, qualified professionals for physical therapy in Taylorsville, KY by obtaining top quality services from KORT Taylorsville Physical Therapy. Make a call to (502) 792-0947 and acquire patient focused physical rehabilitation services to improve your health and wellbeing. Our physical therapists use the latest available treatment modalities for chronic pain control to facilitate natural healing throughout the recovery process.
When vision or hearing disturbances result in imbalance or light-headedness, vestibular rehabilitation may be necessary to resolve your condition. The knowledgeable physical therapists at our Taylorsville physical therapy clinic offer a variety of treatment options to remediate inner ear disorders. We utilize specific therapeutic exercise practices to retrain the brain to recognize and process signals that may normally result in vertigo, by desensitizing your body to movement.
Do you require job specific work conditioning to tackle the job at hand? Regardless of your condition, you will receive individualized treatment options, including modern exercises and manual therapy to help you reach your wellness objectives. Whether you require progressive sports medicine or orthopedic rehabilitation for back pain, you can trust that our experienced team can provide the services you need and more.
It takes hard work and determination to recover from a work or sports injury, which is why you should obtain the support of qualified physical therapists. Call on KORT Taylorsville Physical Therapy at (502) 792-0947 to regain full functionality through physical therapy in Taylorsville, KY. Call and ask about our complimentary consultation today.

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Physical Therapy in Taylorsville, KY
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