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Chiropractor 1107 Kern Street Taft, CA 93268 (661) 200-7505Get help from a chiropractor in Taft, CA, when you call (661) 200-7505. Sparks Chiropractic offers experienced care and natural healing in a holistic and long-term manner. You should not have to suffer with chronic pain without a gentle, healing hand to guide you toward better wellness.

Chiropractic care can help with many different types of pain all over the body. A skeletal system that is out of alignment affects your nerves and muscles, and nerve pain can make it very difficult to function. Taft chiropractor Dr. Keith Sparks alleviates back pain using the most cutting edge techniques in the industry. These same techniques provide an effective headache treatment and can improve your overall energy.

If you are an athlete that took a spill on the field, or you are trying to heal from an accident, our care can be a vital part of your injury rehabilitation. Have you gone through a recent orthopedic surgery? Chiropractic care can also help restore you to normal function through post-surgical recovery.

Call an experienced chiropractor in Taft, CA, at (661) 200-7505. Sparks Chiropractic is a place where you can make appointments at shorter notice than your regular doctor’s office and seek pain relief that is gentler and better for you in the long term than medication. Call us today and we will look forward to seeing you in our office and helping heal your back and neck pain through natural methods.

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Chiropractor in Taft, CA
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