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Vet 1565 Route 206 Tabernacle NJ 08088 (609) 388-1917Quality canine and feline healthcare from a vet in Tabernacle, NJ is found with a call to (609) 388-1917.  At Vetco Animal Hospital we focus on providing quality care for dogs and cats of any age, from pet vaccinations for puppies and kittens to geriatric pet care and pain management.  Got a different kind of pet?  Our vets see rabbits and many pocket pets too.
Obesity is as serious a danger to an animal’s health as it is to your own.  If your beloved furry friend is just a bit too big, you should call veterinarians that can offer tips on pet weight management.  A call to our Tabernacle vet will provide you with pet dieting tips and schedule regular animal wellness exams on your pet’s progress.
You can trust us to take care of whatever is ailing the animals you love.  Dr. Andre Cermele and Dr. Aimee Kompel offer veterinary dentistry services to help prevent tooth and gum disease in dogs or cats, along with veterinary dermatology care to stop skin itching.  Do you want to prevent the surprise of a litter of puppies or kittens?  We offer spaying and neutering veterinary surgery for many different animals.
Choosing where you call for a vet in Tabernacle, NJ is easy.  Vetco Animal Hospital will take care of your dog, cat, rabbit or other small mammal pet.  You should just dial (609) 388-1917 to schedule a wellness checkup for your pet.

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Vet in Tabernacle, NJ
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