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Orthopedic Care 623 S. Chester Road Swarthmore PA 19081 (484) 474-0053The quality physical therapy in Swarthmore, PA you need is at NovaCare Rehabilitation. Get a hold of (484) 474-0053 and take advantage of our expertise in all types of orthopedic care. Call our office and let us get you in for a full workup and treatment schedule.

When you want to get back to work, but an industrial injury has you out of action, our occupational therapy will focus on the needed strengths you need to develop. Increased agility and endurance can be gained with aquatic therapy which is effective without over stressing your healing joints. If your job requires standing or significant walking, our custom orthotics will give you the support you need to avoid fatigue or pain.

Our physical therapists also provide superior sports medicine for athletes of all ages, from amateurs to the pros. With our state of the art equipment and accelerated progress treatment plans, you can be back on the court quickly. Keep your team competitive by relying on our conditioning treatments to avoid injuries as well.

When injury rehabilitation is required to get you back to full strength, select the most trusted physical therapy in Swarthmore, PA that will get you going. Call us at (484) 474-0053 and get the dependable therapeutic assistance you want. At NovaCare Rehabilitation, we want you going further and pushing harder without pain or fatigue. Give us a call now and discover how orthopedic care can benefit you.

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Physical Therapy in Swarthmore, PA
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