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Physical Therapy 18 West Harrison Street Sullivan IL 61951 (217) 769-4068One call to Central Illinois Physical Therapy in Sullivan, IL will aid you with injury rehab.  Dialing (217) 769-4068 will put you in touch with a team of physical therapists ready to provide advanced care to aid patients young and old through the injury recovery process.  We have sports medicine specialists to aid athletes, work-injury experts, and much more, so call now.
Anyone that deals with arthritis will tell you how bad the pain can be, especially on very humid or cold days when your joints don’t want to move.  If you don’t want to take medication for these pains, you should seek out care from a Sullivan physical therapy clinic offering natural arthritis treatments.  Contact our geriatric physical therapy specialist about aquatic therapy and other holistic treatments for arthritis pain.
Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to aid you in recovering quickly and safely.  We provide workers comp rehabilitation to help you get back to work, along with complete orthopedic care for joint injuries.  Do you suffer from temporomandibular jaw disease?  Give us a call about TMJ dysfunction treatments today.
The best call you can make for physical therapy in Sullivan, IL is to Central Illinois Physical Therapy.  We’ll put a team of injury specialists on your case to ensure you get the best care.  Call (217) 769-4068 and schedule a PT evaluation.

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Physical Therapy in Sullivan, IL
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