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Physical Therapy 228 West Chicago Road Sturgis MI 49091 (269) 202-8349Are you in need of preventative and recuperative physical therapy in Sturgis, MI? When you dial (269) 202-8349 to connect with NovaCare Rehabilitation, you gain a caring team of knowledgeable physical therapists to help throughout the recovery process. Our physical rehabilitation services include comprehensive treatment modalities that facilitate healing while providing acute pain relief.
If you are struggling to maintain your health after sustaining an injury, you should put your physical recovery in the hands of skilled professionals. Our Sturgis physical therapy center offers personalized physical rehabilitation services that can reduce recovery time by improving strength and flexibility. We utilize manual therapy techniques as well as therapeutic exercise routines to encourage productive healing.
Our physical therapists have years of hands on experience treating patients suffering from a host of disorders such as neurological damage. By obtaining neurological rehabilitation from our expertly trained physiotherapist, you can counteract the painful effects of nervous system disorders. Along with neural and orthopedic care we provide effective workers comp rehabilitation to get injured workers back to their previous level of physical activity.
Gain high quality wellness care from experienced sports medicine professionals by connecting with NovaCare Rehabilitation. Simply dial (269) 202-8349 to engage in progressive physical therapy in Sturgis, MI that can restore your function after an injury or illness. Call today to make an appointment with our physical rehabilitation clinic.

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Physical Therapy in Sturgis, MI
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