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Attorney 16255 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 200 Encino CA 91436 (818) 528-8331When facing DUI charges requiring a qualified attorney in Studio City, CA, The Kavinoky Law Firm at (818) 528-8331 is always available. Each DUI attorney with our firm shares in our dedication to providing you with diligent, hands-on legal attention. The first goal of our lawyer is to see that your DMV hearing deadline is timely set within the required ten days.

As a respected Studio City attorney, our DUI lawyer shares in the legal resources of our combined firm experience to handle your matter. We realize the impact that a drunk driving arrest may have on your life. Whether facing the charges of a felony DUI or a traffic misdemeanor, we offer a diligent approach to defending you before the court.

Our firm can provide the name of a bail bond company to help with your release. Our DUI attorney will then proceed with a thorough review of your arrest details, the performance of the law enforcement professionals and anything else that may benefit your defense. Taking into account the anxiety you may be experiencing, we will see that you remain up-to-date during the defense process.

With a thorough defense provided to each client, our attorney in Studio City, CA is proud of our firm's defense history. Phone (818) 528-8331 for The Kavinoky Law Firm. With a DUI arrest, there is a mandatory 10-day period in which you must request a DMV hearing or face suspension of your driver's license. Call our firm today.


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