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Chiropractor 4466 Rockbridge Road Stone Mountain, GA 30083 (404) 445-5962 For a reliable chiropractor in Stone Mountain, GA, when you have been injured, call (404) 445-5962 for Georgia Injury Centers. We are focused on helping chiropractic patients who have suffered through auto accidents and need help restoring strength and mobility. Whatever type of vehicle collision you have had, getting an appointment at our center is one of the best things you can do for your health and your wallet.

When you make an appointment with our Stone Mountain chiropractor, do not worry about how much money it will cost. Our center is staffed with workers knowledgeable and proactive in dealing with insurance companies. When you are suffering from a car wreck injury we will do what is necessary to get you injury compensation from the at-fault insurance company.

Our doctors will meet with you for a complete consultation to diagnose your problems. We will then set up an injury rehabilitation plan that best suits where your problem areas are. This ranges from dealing with whiplash to recovering from the serious repercussions of an 18-wheeler accident.

Get on the road to recovery with a chiropractor in Stone Mountain, GA, by calling (404) 445-5962. Georgia Injury Centers has been helping locals recover from auto accidents since 1995, and will successfully do the same for you. Call us today and we will fit you into the soonest available appointment slot.

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Chiropractor in Stone Mountain, GA
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