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Physical Therapy 1109 Eagles Landing Parkway Stockbridge GA 30281 (404) 594-8860When injuries lead to pain and discomfort, physical therapy in Stockbridge, GA can deliver support throughout your recovery. Atlanta Falcons Physical Therapy Centers at (404) 594-8860 is a physical rehabilitation facility offering personalized treatment options for patients in need of restorative services. We provide structured treatment programs customized to meet your individual needs including condition specific occupational therapy and athletic training.

Modern medicine often alleviates chronic symptoms of painful conditions by masking the pain while your body recovers. With physical rehabilitation, you allow your body to heal through natural physical reconditioning techniques that also provide acute pain management. Our physical therapists are knowledgeable about which therapeutic exercise routines offer the best outcome for your level of fitness, and will progressively direct you throughout your Stockbridge physical therapy program.

Our treatment protocols also include occupational therapy to remediate physical restraints that prevent patients from engaging in activities of daily living. We utilize both manual therapy and therapeutic exercise plans to restore range of motion and target musculoskeletal pain. By improving flexibility and mobility, our physical therapists help students and adults meet the challenges that arise after an injury or ailment.

Take the time to consult with a qualified physiotherapist when your sports-related injury requires advanced sports medicine. Reach out to Atlanta Falcons Physical Therapy Centers by dialing (404) 594-8860 when you want expert physical therapy in Stockbridge, GA. Rebuild your level of endurance by scheduling an appointment today.

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Physical Therapy in Stockbridge, GA
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