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Stayton Veterinary Hospital 1308 North First Avenue Stayton OR (971) 600-2038You need a trained vet in Stayton, OR when your pet is having health issues. When you call Stayton Veterinary Hospital at (971) 600-2038, your pet will receive full medical service at our state of the art animal hospital. When you enlist the veterinary services of our animal hospital, your pet will receive a full treatment that caters to his or her individual needs.

Our full service veterinary practice is available whether you need a small animal vet or a large animal vet service. From spaying or neutering procedures to declawing, you can trust that your domestic pets will be well cared for. Our emergency veterinary clinic offers the service of our large animal ambulance to provide immediate care for your livestock or work animals.

Our vet services extend from basic check-up and other medical services. We have animal boarding options for when your animal companions need overnight care. With animal microchipping, our Stayton vet guarantees added protection for your animal in the event of any loss. Furthermore our large animal services include equine vet services from an on-site veterinarian trained to work with specifically with horses.

Call Stayton Veterinary Hospital today at 
(971) 600-2038, and a full list of our veterinary practices can be made available to you. Our vet in Stayton, OR understands how important your pet is to your family and strives to treat it with the same care you would. Call to schedule your appointment with one of our staff today.

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Vet in Stayton, OR
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