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Animal Flea Control 773 Post Avenue Staten Island NY 10310 (718) 285-7680Are you in search of the right vet in Staten Island, NY to handle the spaying/neutering of your new puppy or kitten?Then call (718) 285-7680 and have Northside Animal Hospital take care of this or any other surgical procedure. Our staff is committed to providing complete care for your pets' needs. As a small animal vet, we offer the best methods of flea control as well as proper help when any loved pet is ill.

Although there are several animals that you may consider a pet, not all veterinarians can care for them. If you own an iguana, you will need to find a reptile vet who understands reptilian creatures. Northside Animal Hospital provides care for any pet you own. As a bird vet, we can help with any avian ailments from wing strain and clipping to internal sickness. Our caring staff can discuss microchipping options with you if you want to have the ability to track a pet that has disappeared and even handle the declawing of the cat tearing up your furniture. As an exotic animal vet, we can treat any animal out there.

Surgical and other medical procedures on your pet should be handled by experienced professionals who care about your pal's welfare. The vet in Staten Island, NY you can trust for all care needs is a call away to Northside Animal Hospital at (718) 285-7680. Let us handle the well being of your companion today.

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Vet in Staten Island, NY
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