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Heartworms 1939 Burns Avenue St. Paul MN 55119 (651) 705-7417If you need a professional vet in St. Paul, MN, call Scenic Hills Animal Hospital at (651) 705-7417 to schedule an appointment. Your pets are often like members of your family. When a member of your family is sick, you want answers along with the most competent medical care available. This is the same standard that you want for your pet and that you will receive from our animal hospital.

In addition to treatment for acute medical issues, we offer the most complete and wide ranging St. Paul vet services available. These services include reproductive health services and procedures, such as spaying and neutering. They utilize the latest technological equipment and techniques in their declawing procedures.

Wellness visits are also available. Their veterinarians will start by performing a thorough physical exam on your pet. They will test for heartworms and other internal parasites and ensure that they are up to date on all of their vaccinations. No examination is complete without addressing your pet's oral health. Their veterinary dentistry services include professional teeth cleaning, above and below the gum line. They also include polishing teeth and fluoride treatments to help strengthen teeth and much more.

For a professional vet in St. Paul, MN, call Scenic Hills Animal Hospital at (651) 705-7417. Speak with our caring staff and allow us to schedule you an appointment for microchipping or anything other service. Your pet deserves the best care that you can give them.

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Vet in St. Paul, MN
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